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The recommended menu for the most popular cafes for girls is Poki

Shinjuku's dining bar California Ampoki was opened on March 3, 2017 along Joban-Dori as Japan's first specialty store for Poki. The store's interior, which was also introduced on TV, uses the interior purchased from the home market, and it is popular to enjoy the feeling of traveling abroad. Take-out is OK, and it is a style that you can drop in as a cafe or bar.
Healthy and fashionable menu with plenty of fish and vegetables is popular with women and men alike, and is ideal for lunch and dinner. Please enjoy the American cuisine which attracts attention now by all means.

Lunch and dinner at Shinjuku dining bar

Poki and other side menus and desserts are also substantial


Poki has become an unprecedented boom in California

Menu that can change the arrangement according to the mood of the day


We will introduce access to Californian Poki


Store name

Californian Poki

Street address

1-1-2 Hyakunincho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

11: 00-23: 45

Regular holiday



A 3 minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station as a dining bar and café, Poki specialty stores were introduced on television for the first time from California to Japan. A plate where you can customize various ingredients yourself doubles the taste and is popular.
Please eat lunch and dinner at the restaurant, which has become a hot topic from foodie girls, and is a shop that has a good design atmosphere and good atmosphere with furniture purchased directly from Los Angeles.

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As the first specialty store in Japan, the store opened on March 3, 2017 along Jakuan Street. Speaking of Poki, it is a traditional Hawaiian dish, but the arrangement of how to eat has increased, and Poki, which has also improved its appearance, has caused a huge boom in California. It is a healthy American dish with plenty of vegetables, making it ideal for lunch and dinner, and is also popular as a late night meal. It is a popular food for women who care about beauty and health, so it is also popular for women's associations. Please try the dishes that have been featured on TV and are currently attracting attention.
There is no compromise on the exterior and interior so that you can enjoy the authentic Poki. The discerning interior purchased from the United States has a California atmosphere, and it has been well received as if you came to travel abroad. This restaurant has a good reputation for authentic cuisine, as well as good customer service and a cozy atmosphere, and it boasts a high repeat rate that many customers visit many times. In addition to Poki, we also have a dessert menu such as pancakes that can take pictures, so please use it as a cafe where you can enjoy teatime casually.

Would you like to enjoy the poki introduced on TV at the dining bar in Shinjuku?

Poki with a style of topping your favorite seafood and your favorite vegetables is a healthy menu with plenty of vegetables, so it is also recommended when you feel that you are short of vegetables. To make your own poki, first determine the size of the bowl, then select your favorite base from vinegared rice, five-grain rice, chips and salad. Next, select ingredients from tuna, hamachi, bintoro, salmon, squid, scallops and spicy tuna, and select your favorite toppings and vegetables. The last marinated sauce to choose from is spicy food because there are four levels of spiciness: 0 spicy (no spice), 1 spicy (mild), 2 spicy (medium spicy), 3 spicy (spicy). It is also popular with those who like it.
In addition to Poki, there are also side menus such as cheese chilli beans and desserts such as pancakes. In the evening, we offer course menus for groups and alcohol, making it convenient for girls-only gatherings. Californian Poki is open from 11:00 to 24:00, so feel free to visit us as a cafe as well as lunch and dinner.