Shinjuku dining bar is a cozy Poki specialty store

Shinjuku's popular dining bar, California-Pompi, offers the stylish atmosphere of the US West Coast, surrounded by interiors purchased directly from Los Angeles. It is an excellent place for singles and couples, and has a reputation for its American style with its counter and table seating.
It is a street store that anyone can enter easily, and is a well-known store that is crowded with a wide range of customers day and night. The customizable Poki Menu can be topped with anything you like, and you can enjoy it while enjoying your own Poki, so please come by all means.
Features of Californian Poki

Shinjuku's poki specialty restaurant's dining bar serves authentic American cuisine

The specialty store of Poki, a specialty of Hawaiian cuisine that shows the bustle from the city center, is a popular store that first landed in Japan from the west coast of the United States. The bliss of being surrounded by all-imported furniture purchased directly from Los Angeles is a stylish space as if it were a real home, and has a reputation for locals and tourists. Poki's menu consists of three sizes, S, M, and L, and the base is selected from vinegared rice, five-grain rice, chips, and salad, combined with fresh seafood and 14 types of toppings, own style Can enjoy.
When it comes to being healthy and dieting, it has a good reputation on the internet, and has been highly evaluated by foodie health girls. There are also à la carte dishes, poki wrap wrapped in tortillas that can be eaten with one hand, and beautiful skin poki prepared with ingredients that make the skin beautiful, and there is also a fruit pancake that looks like a picture, so please come to the store .

The dining bar Californian Poki in Shinjuku is popular

Poki, famous as a Hawaiian dish, has created a major whirlwind in Los Angeles, has been refined in California and has landed for the first time in Japan, and has been featured on TV and is gaining attention. The shop is crowded with many customers, and a cozy space spreads out. The interiors made by all imports purchased directly in Los Angeles are decorated with calm colors such as tables and chairs, and ceiling fans and spotlights are American. That complements the production.
Poki's menu is a topping method that can be arranged in your own way. You can choose the size and base you want, and you can enjoy it with your favorite toppings. Lunch, dinner and an à la carte menu are also available, and there are plenty of alcohol at night. It can be reserved and can be used for up to 30 people, and there are course dishes available.

A perfect place for those looking for a dining bar that looks great in SNS in Shinjuku

The popular Poki in Los Angeles landed in Japan and has gained popularity as it was introduced on TV. In Hawaii, the finished product comes out, but in the Los Angeles style, steps 1, 2, and 3 decide the bowl size and base (vinegared rice, five grains rice, chips, salad) and seafood (tuna, hamachi, Bintro, Salmon, Squid, Scallop, Spicy Tuna), Toppings, Vegetables and Dressing, so you can enjoy watching the original poki rice cake.
The finished Poki is colorful and gorgeous in appearance, so it is an excellent photo. In addition, inside the shop where casualness is unpretentious, it is popular when you can feel as if you were in a Los Angeles shop. It can be used for lunch and dinner as well as late lunch and midnight meals as cafe dining.

Shinjuku dining bar can also be used as a cafe

Californian Poki is the first Poki specialty store in Japan, and is a roadside store that opened along Joban Street. Poki is a healthy menu that you can eat several kinds of seafood and plenty of vegetables at the same time and eat your stomach. Open from 11:00 to 24:00, you can use it not only for lunch and dinner, but also for late lunch and dinner.
Alcohol such as beer and wine is also available, so it is popular as a bar where you can drop in for a drink, or as a dining venue for holding a women's association. In addition to offering soft drinks from 250 yen, we also have a dessert menu such as pancakes, so it is a shop that you can use as a cafe. The customer service and the cozy atmosphere at home are well received, so please come and visit us.


Fashionable lunch and dinner at Shinjuku dining bar

Poki is the recommended menu of the popular cafe for girls

Shinjuku Dining Bar Californian Poki was opened on March 3, 2017 along the Joban Street as Japan's first poki specialty store. The store, which was also introduced on TV, uses interior decorations purchased from the United States, and is popular when you can feel like traveling abroad. Takeout is OK, and it is a style where you can stop by as a cafe or bar.
A healthy and stylish menu where you can eat plenty of fish and vegetables is popular with women and men, and is perfect for lunch and dinner. Please enjoy the American cuisine that is currently attracting attention.