It is a new blog from a specialty store that delivers the deliciousness of Poki without compromise

At the Poki specialty store in Shinjuku, which is popular among dining bars, a plate where you can customize many ingredients yourself has become a topic, and attention has also been focused on its appearance and taste. The store's first landing in Japan from the West Coast of the United States and was introduced on television, the furniture purchased directly from Los Angeles is lined, and the shop is popular because of its good atmosphere.
The style of enjoyable lunch and dinner has become a high repeat rate from the area to tourists. As we introduce commitment to deliver taste of home California just on blog, please see by all means.
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We have published official blogs from cafe style shops that are the first landing in California, and we have a hot topic as a Poki specialty store. Poki, which is featured and watched on TV, is a Hawaiian cuisine that has had a whirlwind in Los Angeles, and is reputed for its well-balanced nutrition by topping fresh seafood with rice and salads. At lunchtime and dinnertime, which are full of foodie women's associations and others, a wide range of people, from those who enjoy themselves in the shop to those who will be taken out, will come to visit us.
The restaurant has a Californian atmosphere and is a popular restaurant with a high repeat rate. Table seating and counter seating are also stylish color scheme and bright atmosphere, and it is a relaxing space of a commitment that just drifts the west coast. It is possible to lend a space that can be enjoyed from one person to a group to a group, and it is possible to prepare an American cuisine and drinks for the course and use it on various seas, so please come visit us.