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2022/04/29 blog

It's "Myoga" !


The season for Japanese ginger is from June to October, but it is basically edible at any time.

At our shop, we are a little ahead of the season, and it's already summer weather!

Let's see the recommended way to eat and the effect of Japanese ginger.


● Recommended way to eat

Of course, it ’s rice-based, but

If it's a tofu base , it's a luxurious cold tofu style!

The topping vegetables are

Green onions , tororo , radish sprouts , and cucumbers look good.

We recommend plum and wasabi as the sauce.

How about an additional seaweed salad ?

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● Effect of Japanese ginger

・ Elimination of swelling

It is rich in potassium , which drains excess water (sodium) from the body and lowers blood sugar levels.

The same applies to spinach and cucumber.

If you had a beer with ramen or a high-salt meal the night before, why not try eating Japanese ginger for lunch?


・ Prevention of summer heat

That unique scent has an essential oil component called α (alpha) pinene .

It has the effect of activating the secretion of gastric juice, so it is effective for appetite loss .


・ Measures against cold air conditioners

The scent component α (alpha) pinene and the pungent component Myogaziar have the effect of promoting functions such as sweating, breathing, and blood circulation .

Perfect for a cold body in the office!


・ Recover tired body

Myoga's magenta, which is the color of anthocyanins also found in blueberries.

Anthocyanins have antioxidant properties and prevent the body from oxidizing.

In addition, camphene and ginger ginger have antibacterial activity, so they are ideal for recovery of the body and prevention of colds .


It's a supporting role, but there are many attractive ingredients!

It is chopped and served as a free topping.

There are many hot days at the turn of the season, so please feel free to enjoy it.