Taco rice as popular as poke

2022/04/30 blog

Plenty of vegetables are good, but sometimes I want to eat something different ...

I was brought in, but I'm not good at raw fish ...


For such people

Taco rice

Is recommended!

It is no exaggeration to say that it is ranked first in the rankings that are often ordered outside of Poke.


Appetizing spicy minced meat scent ...

On top of that, with the savory cheese that was roasted

Toro-ri hot spring egg

(It's not spicy)


The base is the amount of М size,

・ Five-grain rice ・ White rice

You can choose either one.

If you like spicy food

Please try Tabasco in front of the cash register!


In-store, take-out, and delivery are all available, but

After all freshly made simmering cheese

It's fun only in the store, isn't it?


Come to take a break from your diet!