Inside the store ...

2022/05/01 blog

Nice to meet you, what's going on inside the store?

You're curious!


First of all, the store

Located near Don Quijote Shinjuku store along Shinjuku Syokuan-dori

It is located between Seven-Eleven and a rental car shop!

The blue sign is a landmark.

When you enter the store, it looks like this.

Only Poke orders are accepted here, so

For other orders (drinks, etc.), enter the entrance and

Please proceed to the left and come to the front of the cash register.

The seat looks like this.

There are also 2 seats for 4 people in the foreground.


It would be helpful if you could sit in a seat that matches the number of people!

The interior is particular about the American owner who loves Hawaii.


There are some items that were actually purchased from LA, so

The interior is stylish and you can enjoy a foreign atmosphere.


There is no outlet, but there is Wi-Fi!

Please do not hesitate to ask the clerk for the password.


Those who can come to work quickly, those who can come for a short break,

There are various people, so

How about taking a break if you get tired of walking in Shin-Okubo?


All the staff are looking forward to your visit.


On the official Instagram,

You can know how to order Poke and how crowded it is.

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