High repeat rate that the dining bar of Poki specialty store in Shinjuku is proud of

A Poki specialty store opened in Shinjuku as a dining bar, and it was introduced on television and became a topic in a blink of an eye. This restaurant specializes in Poki, which represents Hawaiian cuisine, which first landed in Japan from California and is popular on the American West Coast.
The refined tastes in California are admired by foodie girls as having a very good nutritional balance with cereals, vegetables and seafood, and some customers have been told that they are effective in dieting. Please try it by all means and enjoy the real taste.

Shinjuku dining bar is a reputed shop specializing in poki

Poki specialty store that landed in Japan for the first time from California, which has a reputation for cafe style close to the city center, is also popular in the region as a cozy and cozy shop that can be enjoyed by one person or a friend. It is in an easily accessible location and is appreciated by families and tourists day and night, and is open 24 hours a day for business people to take out.
The bright interior of the shop is decorated with furniture purchased directly in Los Angeles, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the US West Coast filled with a friendly smile with a good customer service. It is easy to enter at the roadside store, and it is popular to relax with peace of mind even with children. It is a system that can be customized with a topping style and you can choose your favorite dish. Nutritional balance is good and diet is also a hot topic on the net, you can easily taste American à la carte menus and drink menus. Please come by all means.

The famous dining bar in Shinjuku is a popular restaurant that is cozy and busy all day

Poki is loved around the world as Hawaiian cuisine, and the West Coast of the United States is a dish that has caused a major whirlwind in California. We have a menu that is popular with dietary girls who are attracting attention as a diet, so please try it.
The Poki menu allows you to select the base and size with the customization system, and freely select the topping and source. Carefully selected ingredients with no compromises are recommended. Original Poki is a popular menu where you can enjoy the taste of California. Other than this, Poki, which combines beautiful skin materials that are nice for women, and Poki Wrap wrapped in tortillas are also popular as a one-handed menu. Many à la carte menus are popular restaurants where you can enjoy authentic American cuisine.

Dining bar is attracting attention as a specialty store in Shinjuku

Please enjoy the recommended dishes at the Poki specialty store, which has a reputation for being able to taste authentic American dishes at the Shinjuku dining bar and authentic American cuisine. Poki, which is highly regarded as a Hawaiian dish in the world, has created a major sensation in Los Angeles, and has become a hot topic in cutting-edge culture scenes that create celebrities and trends. The popular dishes landed in Japan for the first time and were introduced on TV, and the degree of attention is increasing.
Poki's order style is popular, and it uses a topping system that allows you to choose your favorite ingredients. There are no compromises by choosing three sizes, vinegared rice, five-grain rice, chips, salad and base materials. You can enjoy carefully selected seafood and 14 types of toppings. Please come to the store for a variety of needs, from those who enjoy a lunch in a homey cafe style, or a group dinner where you can have a drink while enjoying a drink.

In Shinjuku, the Poki specialty restaurant's dining bar has an attractive West Coast atmosphere

The Poki specialty store that landed in Japan from California for the first time has become a hot topic from food girls and has been featured on TV and featured on TV. Poki, which is attracting attention worldwide as a Hawaiian dish, is a simple and well-balanced dish where the original sauce is decisive, with many ingredients such as seafood and other vegetables on a plate.
The customization feeling you can choose by yourself doubles the enjoyment and is popular when you can choose toppings with friends. Lunch and dinner in a space with a good sense of design inside the store and the atmosphere of the west coast of the United States is truly an American home and has a warm and cozy atmosphere. In terms of customer service, the local reputation is high, the inside of the store is crowded with businessmen and local people, and more customers are taking out. We are committed to authentic taste, and the attitude that does not allow any compromise leads to a high repeat rate, and we have built up trust and achievements. Please drop in when you are near.


Fashionable lunch and dinner at Shinjuku dining bar

Poki is the recommended menu of the popular cafe for girls

Shinjuku Dining Bar Californian Poki was opened on March 3, 2017 along the Joban Street as Japan's first poki specialty store. The store, which was also introduced on TV, uses interior decorations purchased from the United States, and is popular when you can feel like traveling abroad. Takeout is OK, and it is a style where you can stop by as a cafe or bar.
A healthy and stylish menu where you can eat plenty of fish and vegetables is popular with women and men, and is perfect for lunch and dinner. Please enjoy the American cuisine that is currently attracting attention.