Shinjuku dining bar is a Poki specialty store introduced on TV

A Poki specialty store that first landed in California in a dining bar style in Shinjuku became a topic, and it was introduced on TV and gained popularity, so please visit us once. We have also been evaluated by foodie girls and we have a health-oriented menu that is popular with celebrities and others on the American West Coast.
A selection of carefully selected seafood with no compromises and a topping service that can be customized with 14 kinds of toppings are popular, and you can also enjoy a variety of American dishes. Please enjoy the many menus by all means.

A private party at a dining bar where you can enjoy Poki in Shinjuku

A cozy and cozy space full of colorful and prestigious furniture purchased directly from Los Angeles, so you can rent out for up to 30 people. The course cooking is also enriched, and the Poki Warm Nabe Course offers about 7 kinds of contents, including cheese and soy milk pan, which is proud of the store manager, and raw ham and caprese.
Various courses offer an all-you-can-drink menu with all-you-can-drink options, and we offer a great selection of recommended courses that are well-priced with body-friendly materials full of carefully selected ingredients and cost-effective. The a la carte menu is also abundant, and Poki Wrap with Pokki wrapped in tortillas and the popular fruit pancake as a dessert are full of bliss, and delicious food is very popular with other girls. You can spend it alone, and you can enjoy it with your friends and family with children.

Shinjuku dining bar is popular with customers as a specialty store

The store interiors purchased directly in Los Angeles, with a particular focus on creating an atmosphere, create a home-like space that has been well received by customers for its customer service and comfort. The colors of the wooden furniture tables and chairs are also designed, and we have all-imports ceiling fans and spotlights. We also decorate the paintings of famous painters and stick to the production that enhances the authentic taste.
We have prepared a relaxing space for one person or a couple's date, ensuring a spacious space without worrying about the next seat. Alcohol is also enriched for dinner, and it has a reputation as a special place to soothe the tiredness of the day, and you can enjoy it with a rich menu such as Poki and à la carte. Various card payments are also possible and all menus are set at a reasonable price, so please come to the store after a meeting with everyone.

Pokki and dessert at a dining bar that is reputed by customers

Speaking of Shinjuku, a hot spot in the dining bar, if you are looking for a Poki specialty store, please name California Poki. One dish that can be customized is well received by locals and tourists, and you can arrange the poki with 14 kinds of toppings with the fun of selecting your favorite ingredients and carefully selected fresh seafood. The menu is excellent in cost performance, and it is popular for taking pictures from its gorgeous appearance. The taste of California is landed in Japan for the first time, and the degree of attention has been introduced on TV.
The atmosphere surrounded by the comfort and all-imported interiors made in Los Angeles is reputed by girls-only gatherings and has a reputation for producing deliciousness. Come and enjoy the high-quality taste and space that a shop with a high repeat rate delivers from the west coast of the United States as a place where you can easily enjoy lunch and dinner.

Shinjuku dining bar is a reputed shop specializing in poki

Poki specialty store that landed in Japan for the first time from California, which has a reputation for cafe style close to the city center, is also popular in the region as a cozy and cozy shop that can be enjoyed by one person or a friend. It is in an easily accessible location and is appreciated by families and tourists day and night, and is open 24 hours a day for business people to take out.
The bright interior of the shop is decorated with furniture purchased directly in Los Angeles, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the US West Coast filled with a friendly smile with a good customer service. It is easy to enter at the roadside store, and it is popular to relax with peace of mind even with children. It is a system that can be customized with a topping style and you can choose your favorite dish. Nutritional balance is good and diet is also a hot topic on the net, you can easily taste American à la carte menus and drink menus. Please come by all means.


We will introduce access to Californian Poki


Store name

Californian Poki

Street address

1-1-2 Hyakunincho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

11: 00-23: 45

Regular holiday



A 3 minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station as a dining bar and café, Poki specialty stores were introduced on television for the first time from California to Japan. A plate where you can customize various ingredients yourself doubles the taste and is popular.
Please eat lunch and dinner at the restaurant, which has become a hot topic from foodie girls, and is a shop that has a good design atmosphere and good atmosphere with furniture purchased directly from Los Angeles.