A popular store that has been introduced on TV and boasts a high repeat rate

Shinjuku's dining bar is the first specialty store in Japan to offer a true taste by fully recreating a big boom in California. We have a wide selection of beer, wine, highball, various sours and other drinks, so you can enjoy conversation, drinks and dishes slowly while enjoying a poki or a la carte menu.
The restaurant is proud of its reputation for word-of-mouth communication, as well as the deliciousness of its cuisine, as well as the customer service. From one person to a group, there is a cozy atmosphere where you can relax, so feel free to use it for lunch or dinner.

  • * There are various other menus.

Soft drink
  • * There are various other menus.
    * Poki orders will be discounted by 100 yen. (Excluding mini poki)

  • ·Melon Soda

    ・ Calpis soda




We welcome the use in groups and women's associations, and we offer a variety of course dishes that you can add as much as you want for an additional 1,500 yen. The restaurant's 2,500 yen course, featuring recommended dishes, includes Spanish ham, smoked salmon, caprese, seasonal salads, fried & potatoes, and Poke rolls. There are table seats and counter seats in the store, and the layout of the seats is flexible, so please feel free to contact the secretary of the girls' association and drinking party.
Californian Poki, a popular store introduced on TV, is open from 11:00 to 24:00 and is convenient for lunch and dinner as well as late lunch and dinner. A dessert menu and alcohol are also available, so feel free to drop by as a cafe or bar.