Poki, a hot topic introduced on TV, is an American dish and is a healthy menu where you can eat seafood such as tuna and salmon and plenty of vegetables at once. Poki, the first specialty store in Japan, features a genuine taste that fully reproduces California's style without any compromise, and a colorful, luxurious appearance. In addition, the size of the bowl and the base can be selected from vinegar rice, five grain rice, chips and salad according to the condition of the stomach, so there is an eating response that satisfies men as well.
It is open from 11 am to 24:00 and can be used for lunch and dinner or as a cafe. There are table seats and counter seats in the store, so you can enjoy your meal casually. The layout of seats from a small number of people to groups is flexible, so please consult with us when using at women's meetings etc.