Healthy food shop with high repeat rate introduced on TV

Dining bar Californian Poki along Shinjuku Joban-Dori has attracted attention as a store where you can eat authentic LA-style Poki. Poki is a dish where you can choose your favorite seafood, toppings and vegetables and enjoy your own favorite taste.
While it is a healthy menu where you can eat seafood and plenty of vegetables at once, it is a heart-warming menu that makes it a satisfying menu for men. The shop is a cafe style that you can easily enter, so please take a walk for lunch or dinner.

Dining bar Californian Poki for lunch in Shinjuku

California-style fashionable Poki specialty stores are popular among women as a healthy menu where you can eat plenty of seafood such as tuna and salmon, and vegetables such as avocado and okra, and boast a high repeat rate. There are two types of lunch, 2 types of seafood you can choose from and 3 types, both with soup and drinks.
Poki is made from vinegared rice, five-grain rice, chips, and salads, so it is attractive to use it as vinegared rice when you are hungry, or as salad during a diet. Since it is open from 11:00 to 24:00, it can be used easily for late lunch. Also, take-out is also available, so please enjoy your own taste of Poki in various scenes for lunch and dinner and dinner.

Shinjuku's dining bar offers a cozy atmosphere for drinking

California's first poki specialty store, Californian Poki, is a shop where you can enjoy authentic California-style poki and sake in a Los Angeles atmosphere. Poki bowl with a rich dressing containing several kinds of seafood and plenty of vegetables is excellent for alcohol and is a healthy menu even if you eat a lot even though it is full of volume.
We have beer, wine, highball and popular alcohol, and we have prepared special dishes for the side menu. The popular cheese chili beans are deliciously fried hot potatoes with plenty of cheese sauce and chili beans. The staff's customer service is also highly regarded in word of mouth, and boasts a high repeat rate as a shop where you can relax at home.

Shinjuku's dining bar is also welcome to use at girls-only gatherings

The Poki specialty store along Joban Street introduced on TV is open from 11:00 to 24:00, so it is an easy-to-use shop that can be used according to the scene, from lunch to cafe to dinner. Poki is popular among women, especially as a seafood such as tuna and salmon, and a lot of vegetables to choose and serve in a bowl.
Since it is also available for groups such as women's associations and mom associations, we have prepared course meals that you can drink as much as you want, such as beer and wine, and received great popularity from customers who used it We are. Luxurious hors d'oeuvres such as prosciutto and smoked salmon, the main is the “cheese and soy milk pan” that the store manager boasts. Please try the course that has a reputation not only for SNS, but also for eating.